A Music Tutor Can Be Your Child’s Best Friend

Sep 24, 2020

Do you think your kid loves singing; he/she might do better with a bit of guidance? Great you have landed to the right page, here we will discuss hiring the right music tutor for your child. Music is a great way of recreation; it can be your secret weapon to deal with mental wellness, as suggested by various psychologists. So, you have more reason than one to learn music. As a parent, if you are looking for a decent music tutor you can give this article a read where our experts highlighted some of the major reasons for learning music and how to find the best music tutor near you, scroll down to discover.

Why Must Kids Learn Music?

There are a lot of benefits of learning music, no matter at which age you start learning, you will get more or less the same benefits. Music-based activities not only engage your child but also help them develop their overall personality, they will be more disciplined and calm, which will reflect in their body language. Because of a hand full of advantages, parents allow their learning music, playing the piano, violin, guitar, and other musical instruments. Here we will discuss some of the worth mentioning the benefits of learning music.

1. Develop Personality

Music makes oneself more disciplined, so if you allow your child to learn music, it will help them develop a better personality. They will learn how to deal with difficult situations by boosting their ability to critical thinking; an experienced music tutor can be the child’s best friend; learning music can help you become smarter.

2. Release Stress

Music is a great way to release stress, so after a hectic day, if you can find some time to play your favorite musical instrument, you will feel lighter and more confident. Individuals dealing with mental illness are suggested to practice or listen to music for a considerable amount of time in order to deal with their regular stress. It improves brain function, and certain music waves help the secretion of dopamine, the happy hormone as suggested by many scientific pieces of research.

3. Helps The Brain To Develop

Music sets you free by stimulating happy hormones; it also improves working speed, especially if you are writing or doing any repetitive work. Research shows students who take music lessons are more successful on standardized tests and likely to achieve greater grades than others. Further research also suggests music training help the left side of the brain that involves processing information and helps in logical reasoning. So, if you want your kid to become smart, you must let them learn music.

4. Music Is Fun

Needless to mention, learning music is associated with a lot of fun which is hard to get through other forms of recreation. If you know how to play musical instruments, you can enjoy yourself better.

5. Improve Academic Skills

Research suggests kids who practice musical instruments on a regular basis tend to score high in their academics as it improves their concentration. So as a parent if you think learning music means a waste of time, you need to think twice because, in turn, it will help your child in more ways than one.

6. Helps In Better Focusing

In order to grasp a new tone, you need to concentrate a lot, so if your kid learns music at a young age, it may help them in better focusing in both academics and non-academics. Most of the professional musicians have started taking musical lessons at a much younger age. It also helps them develop their interests and passion.

7. Music Can Improve Social Skills

When you allow your child to attain music classes together with twenty other kids they will be explored to various people with different backgrounds and mindset which help them improve their social skills; they will understand the importance of team-work and how to grow leadership qualities. Research suggests working towards a single goal can help enhance social skills to some extent.

8. Music Can Boost Self-Confidence

Music is a form of self-expression, so if you practice music on a regular basis, it will provide a sense of achievement which in turn will boost your self-confidence. Self-esteem is a crucial part of personality development; music lessons will fully develop your child’s potential in different aspects.

9. Improve Mental Health

If you think your child is suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. you can introduce music therapy in order to ease their suffering. Music has a huge potential to make people calm by soothing anxiety to some extent.

10. Career Option

If you let your child learn various forms of music at an early age, he/she can feel passionate about it and develop a career as a music professional. So, if you want to become a music tutor in the future, you can start learning your favorite musical instrument or form of music today!

What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is the method of using music in order to establish a therapeutic effect to address the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of individuals. Music therapy is aimed to provide avenues for communication to those who find it difficult to express themselves. If you find your child in such a situation music therapy can heal them easily, for that more than a music tutor, you need the help of a music therapist. Music has a vast therapeutic context especially in improving self-motivation, growing kids may find it difficult to share their problems with their parents and friends you can let them deal with their problems through music therapy, it has no side effect rather your child will get manifold benefits.

Must-Have Qualities of a Music Tutor

If you are looking for a music tutor for your child, you must consider some features in them that will provide maximum benefit.

A: Experienced

Experience is one of the first few features you should be looking for within your music tutor; an experienced professional will understand the unique requirement of you and how to bring the best out of him.

B: Qualified

Qualification is the second major feature of a music tutor; the instructor must have proper qualification in music to teach students, you can ask for certificates, a soft copy send via mail would do.

C: Passionate

The music tutor must be very passionate about music then only your child can learn the best of it Children always try to imitate the personality of their teachers and parents so if the music would be passionate about the music they will understand the value of it and how to apply the inner meaning of those lessons in real life.

D: Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is very important in a music tutor as an extracurricular activity requires more attention if the tutor’s attitude towards teaching the lesson would be friendly the students will learn easily and open-heartedly.

E: Empathetic

A teacher must be empathetic towards her students when it comes to teaching music; this quality means a lot. A caring teacher can understand the learning requirement of its students easily and knows how to serve them.

F: Affordable

Last but not least, the music tutor must be affordable so that you don’t have to put unnecessary pressure on your budget. If you want an online music tutor, you can check online education platforms that provide music instructors for online teaching, and if you are looking for private tutors for face to face teaching search accordingly.

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Advantages of Learning Online

In this pandemic, most of the parents are switching to online learning not only for conventional subjects but also for learning extracurricular activities like learning music, dance, drawing, etc. In most cases, parents struggle to make their children understand how to learn online, but after a couple of tries, it seems they grasp the entire thing easily, from the third or fourth time smarter kids do not require their parent’s help to connect with their online tutor.

Online learning is one of the safest option available today, take a look at this section of the article, where we highlighted some of the significant benefits of learning music online:

  • Learn from home comfort: With online education, your child can learn different forms of music without stepping out from their home under the supervision of their parents.
  • No burden of competition: With online classes, they will learn without any competition, they can certainly follow their own pace of learning which is unmatchable for a complete learning experience.
  • Learn anytime from anywhere: Since they don’t have to visit their teacher’s place, they can learn anytime from anywhere, they can have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to learning any new concept.
  • Safer option: In this pandemic, no contact learning is recommended, so online learning seems the only option for an uninterrupted learning experience.

Online Music Tutor or Face-To-Face: Which is Suitable For Your Child?

Well, it depends on your child’s learning abilities, together with the learning pace. If your kid is comfortable in handling smartphones and other gadgets, they will certainly adopt the gestures required for online learning. As a parent, you will understand their abilities better, but remember, not all students are the same; some require less some to grasp things while some require more time to bring their best. If you feel your child is more comfortable with face to face teacher, you must opt for a private tutor who will come to your place to teach your child the necessary but doesn’t forget to take necessary precaution, maintain a safe distance and ask the tutor to wear a mask while teaching.

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How to Become a Music Tutor

If you want to become a music tutor and have the necessary qualification and experience you can check online education platforms like MyPrivateTutor, we are one of the pioneers in online teaching; you can find sign up the process and upload necessary credentials like experience certificate, qualification details, etc. which will help our team to understand your requirement as a music tutor. Also mention the mode of teaching that you will be comfortable with – online, offline, or both, so that we can connect specific students to you. We have thousands of music tutors registered with us from different parts of the country, if you choose to become a tutor with us, we ensure you get genuine leads throughout the year.

How Much Music Tutors Earn?

That depends upon the timing if you choose to teach like a full-time music tutor you will earn more than part-time tutors. So, if you wish to become a music tutor, get in touch with us now!


Looking for the best music tutor near you? Give this article a read and discover a hand-full of details regarding online teaching, music therapy and the benefits of learning music among children. Also discover how you can become a music tutor with us.


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