10 Things About Playing Violin That Will Instantly Put You In A Good Mood

Feb 16, 2021

Did you the violin is one of the world’s most beloved musical instrument, no matter how good your violin tutor is playing the instrument takes a lot of dedication. So if you are thinking about learning how to play the violin pull you sleeves up to hold all your concentration together. As soon as you start playing the violin either with your violin instructor or just by watching some beginners’ video you will discover remarkable benefits not only physically but also mentally.

Young children sometimes attracted to its polished it looks to play the violin. According to various research, a child with an artistic mindset can show the interest in playing the violin between seven to ten years of age, though it varies a lot. Sometimes individuals might show their interest after thirteen, it is completely normal.

In this article, we will focus on 10 mental and physical benefits of playing the violin, so if you are having second thoughts about letting your child play the instrument, take a look-

Most prominent mental and physical benefits of playing the violin:

1. Improve attention and focus

Studies play that children who play the violin (and other musical instruments) at an early age achieve better brain’s capacity for memory. They also gain more skills for processing different languages. The interesting part is violin learners have larger brains than average people, most of which is connected with playing left-hand movements. They also achieve more visual pattern abilities than others.

2. Sharpen memory

As they learn reading the violin music sheet and memorize them to achieve perfection their memory sharpens gradually. Your child will learn memorizing complex things which mean improved academic performance.

3. Improved self-discipline

Playing the violin requires strict discipline so while playing the instrument your child’s self-discipline will be polished, their characteristic will be calmer with more cognitive and problem-solving abilities, which will be his/her lifetime assets.

4. Improve reading and comprehension skills

Playing the violin or any other musical instrument enhances both reading and comprehension skills not only among children but also adults. So, if you want your kid to achieve better grade instead of worrying hire an experienced violin tutor and start learning how to play the instrument right away.

5. Finer motor skills

Have you seen a violinist with poor posture? Hard to remember or just no? It is not possible to play the violin without standing and sitting properly. This is because it requires strong upper arms, shoulder muscles and an actively engaged core. Holding the violin properly foster fine motor skills.

6. Release negative emotion and stress

Playing the violin releases negative emotions and stress of regular life, before engaging your child in various extra-curricular activities consider enrolling him/her to a professional violin class. When they learn playing the instrument together with similar minded people they will become more socialize. Listening to music or playing a musical instrument is considered as a great stress buster, it enlightens your mood by channelizing your energy to the right path. Music can help release difficult feelings from mind show a better path to heal from within.

7. Improved mental health

If your child is dealing with any mental health issues start to socialize them more, engage them with art classes so that they can nurture their artistic skills in a better way. Playing the violin can be one of them where they can express themselves and upon playing correctly can have a sense of achievement.

8. Upper body strength and flexibility

Holding the violin correctly requires a proper posture which means you have to have a better upper body strength and more flexibility. Which means along with mental fitness playing the instrument can ensure your physical fitness as well.

9. Improved posture

Getting the perfect violin posture is not easy, you have to be patient until your body develops muscle memory, but once you got the posture correct it will be with you till the rest of your life. You are slouching! Don’t roll your shoulders, sit up straight – you might hear such kind of command from your violin tutor to get your posture right because if affect directly playing the instrument correctly.

10. Better hand-eye synchronization

Playing the violin improves your hand-eye synchronization, at the beginning you might think you will never do that correctly but as you keep trying you will get better synchronization between your hand and eyes.

How long it will take to learn the violin?

If you are a beginner planning to learn the violin from a professional violin tutor it requires a couple of hours daily practice for over a month. If you think you don’t have more than an hour it might require around three months to achieve perfection, depending on your learning skills and pace.

May I learn playing the violin without on my own?

Of course, you can, there is various beginners’ guide on YouTube you can check them out and try them for some time before making your mind or spending on professional piano classes. You can also hire an online piano tutor who can help you with the basics of playing the instrument. In general, online music tutors charge per hourly basis which is more affordable than professional music schools, besides you can also learn from your home comfort which means it saves both time and money.

Being an art tutor is more challenging that other disciplines because no two students are the same. No matter where you learn playing the violin make sure you can learn at your own pace. Violin tutors like other art tutors are known for their patient and creativity, so if you learn from them your knowledge will be enriched in more ways than one.

Where to find the best violin tutors?

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